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The Super-Easy, Once-Per-Day Solution That Can: 

  • Bring Your Hormones Into Balance
  • ​Increase Energy
  • Promote Quality Sleep 
  • Help Shed Those Pesky Pounds 
  • ​Calm the Drama Mama Feelings


Chill stress

Shed excess




100% happy

No questions asked, 60-day money-back guarantee

Yes! It's Finally Time To Get Off The 

Hormone Rollercoaster!

“I’m down 10 lbs and my energy is fantastic!”

“I love this flavor! I take Zuma Juice packets wherever I go. They help me with my cravings and snacking. I’m down 10 lbs and my energy is fantastic. I’m obsessed!”
— Jenna P., 34 years of age

“I love getting my greens now! haha.”

“I’ll be honest. I’m not crazy for vegetables. I was the kid that would hide vegetables in my napkin at the dinner table. I knew I had to get more veggies. That’s why I chose Zuma Juice. It’s suuuuuuuper yummy and gives me energy and makes me feel awesome. I love getting my greens now! haha.”
— Angie G., 42 years of age

“I could mix it with just water and it tastes amazing.”

“I’ve tried almost ALL of the green juices. Most of them are overpriced lawn clippings. Or they’re filled with fake sugars that make it taste sickly sweet. Zuma Juice is the first green juice I could mix with just water and it tastes amazing. Thank you!”
— Jon R., 52 years of age

Keep Scrollin’ To Discover...

  • The powerful blend containing 4 game-changing ingredients ready to bring your body into balance.
  • How to conquer low energy, zap end-of-day fatigue, and say "good-bye" to brain fog. 
  • How you can actually sleep through the night.  These 4 ingredients work together to help avoid the 3am wake-up...Now that's exciting!
  • ​How to finally get hormones under control to shed those pesky pounds that "just showed up".
  • ​Why we get tender ta-tas and how these natural ingredients can help turn down those uncomfortable flare-ups. ​
  • ​The simple, 10-second ritual you can do once-per-day that’ll help you get back into your skinny jeans and feel sexy again.
  • ​​The #1 reason why busy gals choose HORMONE BALANCE over any other “hormone helping supplement” out there today...

We Have An Important Question To Ask You...

Let your mind think back to a time when you didn't have care in the world... 

Perhaps it was in your 20's, before you had kids...not being responsible for anyone but yourself...

Do you remember how amazing it was to sleep through the night...?

Those times when you went to bed, slept like a log, and woke up rested...

Do you remember that feeling?

OK— now flash forward to today...


So, what the heck happened?

Look around...

For many of us gals, sleeping through the night disappeared years ago...

We now survive by grabbing a really strong coffee to jump start our day...

We have more responsibilities than ever before, including kids, work, and relationships...

Daily we find ourselves yawning by 10am... grabbing more caffeine... and hoping we will have some energy to do something productive after work.

And then we look forward to “relaxing” at night, hoping that this will be the night that we can get a solid night's sleep...

Sound familiar?

Girlfriend, it can be tough, and we get it.

We’ve all been there before.

But what if you were actually able to sleep through the night and wake up rested?

And what if you discovered how to balance your hormones, which could to get your metabolism back in order to not only sleep better, but also lose those pesky pounds that just "showed up" ?

Keep reading, because in this quick message, we’re going to uncover...

How we found the #1 single driving force behind our struggles with...
  • Daily Exhaustion 
  • ​Lack of Motivation
  • 3am wake ups
  • Pesky Weight Gain
  • Emotional Rollercoaster
  • Low Libido
  • Funky Digestion
  • And sooo much more over-40 issues...
As well as a 10-second, easy, and practical routine you can start today, that can help naturally put an end to this #1 problem, quickly...

And do it without spending a small fortune on an expensive prescriptions...

Or forcing you to make groundbreaking changes to your lifestyle...

And if you think it has something to do with re-booting your hormones

think again...

Because it has EVERYTHING to do with “Re-Booting Your Hormones” but not in the way most people think...

Matter of fact, we’re going to prove that many hormone balancing products you see today only solve part of the problem...

They sold women a myth. 

Many "fix-everything" supplements only address a small part of the problem.

Pay close attention to every word you see before you because once you discover the truth for yourself, you’ll be shown the easy, once-per-day solution for...

Finally Balancing Your Hormones...

Which Results In Better Sleep, More Energy & Motivation, and Getting Your Body To Stop Holding Onto Those Pesky Pounds

Plus, when you do this one simple step, in the long-run, you may enjoy more incredible benefits, like: 
  • Sleeping through the night without the 3am wake-up
  • ​Reducing Overwhelm from Hormone Stress
  • Feeling more “seize the day” energy
  • Beating the bloat and all of the frumpy feelings
  • ​​Fitting into your favorite jeans with a noticeably smaller belly thanks to detoxification
  • ​​Supporting the your body against any of the unfriendly estrogen...
  • ​And soooooooooooo much more like clearer thinking, better sleep, more energy, and less drama mama...
Like Sandra P. age 43 from Ohio who said:
“This is my favorite way to start the day! It’s become my new morning ritual. I feel healthier and have tons more energy. I love reading but I started falling asleep all of the time. It would take me forever to finish a single book. Now I’m reading about 1 book every other week. I feel like my brain is moving faster. Thanks!”
Or how about Thomas H. age 36 from New Mexico:
“I don’t leave my house without making sure I have a few of these in my glovebox for work. I never thought I would be able to cut energy drinks from my life. But ever since I’ve been doing this, I don’t buy energy drinks anymore. I feel healthier and I’ve even dropped a few pounds which was an added bonus.”
Also Samantha G. age 42 from Georgia, who said:
“My aches and pains are practically gone! It’s so yummy and delicious and it makes me feel fantastic. I feel more limber and alive than I have felt in years Thank you!”

Now, Who Are We?

We’re Sisters! 
Suzannah & Becky

We are crazy busy gals, who juggle mom-life, jobs, health, household, and are still rocking date nights!... — we’re normal women just like you...

So...back in 1996, we both won an Olympic gold medal as part of the USA Synchronized Swimming Team...but now we are over-40 and hormones don't care what we accomplished in our 20's...Hormones will be hormones!

We're now on a mission to help women become the “best version of themselves”.

We believe that women are powerful. We influence all that goes on around us. When we feel good, it makes such a difference for everyone, including ourselves. 

We like to think of ourselves like Practical Solution Givers...

...and we believe the best way to do that is by providing solutions that help you feel amazing!
  • We DON'T wear lab coats
  • We DON'T have doctoral degrees hanging all over the walls
  • ​We DON'T claim we have the solution to every problem

Like we said: 

We’re just like you.

We have life responsibilities like jobs, family, community, school, and all those other things on our "to-do" list.

Not to mention our bodies are now deciding to freak out... with extra pounds, emotional waves, sleepless nights, and so on....

So when we say, “we get it,” we really do.

We Know What It’s Like To Feel Overwhelmed With This Crazy Thing Called "Life." 
We understand:

What it’s like to be exhausted because you were awake (again) at 3am with a racing heart and stressed-out mind.
Feeling like you can’t shed those stubborn pounds like you did in our 20's, because of your hormones are out-of-whack.

Being disappointed, thinking that fitting into your favorite jeans and feeling sexy are things of the past.

We’re thrilled to say, "It doesn’t have to be that way!"

Over the last several years, we've been obsessed with finding answers, so we researched, and attended trainings about cutting edge health and hormones...

We were fed up with feeling like zobies from exhaustion, and trying to ignore the heart palpitations, along with sleepless nights.

We were at our wit’s end with our low energy, carrying an extra 15 lbs, and drifting through brain fog that would never seem to fully disappear...

And we were irritated that all of these symptoms made us feel like we were really shifting into the 40-something desperate zone...


"We will not be called 'OLD' just because we're over-40!"

(We're going to decide our version of 40-something & beyond)

So, we did what every good health detective does— we went searching for clues...

And in our search for answers we kept coming back to...

The #1 Common Denominator To Almost ALL Of Our Over-40 Female Health Issues

According to research found in Healthline, The Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical...

Women's Health problems such as low energy, excess weight, chronic fatigue, mood swings, poor sleep and brain fog might seem like they’re wildly different conditions... but in reality, they’re each triggered by the same, single culprit...

Hormone Imbalance.

"No Kidding"... as everyone sighs...

Yeah. obvious answer, right...?

We get it.  We know hormone imbalance is tough.  We deal with it combatting it every day. This isn’t anything “new” or “groundbreaking.”

However, what is truly “groundbreaking” is how hormone imbalance may be triggered by what many are calling “xenoestrogens.”  

And how nasty “xenoestrogens” could be causing all sorts of unhealthy chaos within the body...

Because Xenoestrogens come from all kinds of chemicals and plastics that are in our everyday products and environment now.
See— while hormone imbalance may show itself in many different ways...

From waking-up feeling like you've been hit by a truck...

To gaining weight even though you're eating less and exercising more...

Or waking up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and swirling mind...

The unique form of hormone imbalance many of us women are experiencing today is due to the rise of xenoestrogens, AKA "fake" estrogen, caused by pollutants, plastics, and chemicals in cosmetics, lotions, & shampoos... 
A report done by The Women In Balance Institute shows How Dangerous Xenoestrogens May Be Altering The Way Our Bodies Naturally Function, ranging from fatigue, weight-gain, and even sleep problems...
And with these rising amounts of xenoestrogens in our over-40's selves, guess what came next?

An Extra 15 Pounds

That same report showed a increase in our waist-lines, caused by those xenoestrogens .

But that's not the worst of it...

Woman — Our lives produce serious stress... 
We can agree that we roll at 110% on our "easy" days.

However, what may come as a surprise is discovering what stress CAUSES within our system that’s even WORSE on our overall health...

Prolonged Stress can throw off our hormones and can make it even more difficult to shed excess pounds, improve digestion, have glowing skin, experience less aches and pains, and achieve the fiery metabolism from years ago...

The truth is...

High Levels Of Chronic Stress Can Lead To A Hormone Imbalance, What Science Calls

“Estrogen Dominance”

And if Estrogen Dominance is not taken taken care of, it can continue to wreak havoc on your overall health from the inside out...

Destroying energy, draining away motivation, packing on excess weight gain, aging skin, disrupting sleep, and sooooooooo much more...

So pay close attention to this next part.

Because we’ll quickly explain what you can do to reduce Estrogen Dominance and how to help realign overall health and wellness, starting today.

According to Healthline,

Your Body's Hormones Are Like A See-Saw

Research shows that when we are under chronic stress it can lead to an estrogen dominant state because there isn't enough progesterone on-board. 

When your body’s estrogen levels are too high, you may begin developing certain symptoms. In women, potential symptoms include:
  • Bloating
  • ​Tenderness in your breasts
  • ​Decreased sex drive
  • ​Mood swings
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Anxiety Attacks
  • ​Weight Gain
  • ​Trouble Sleeping
  • ​Hair loss
  • ​Brain fog

Did You Know...

Your Body Is A Miraculous Machine?

And no, we’re not talkin’ about some fem-bot from Austin Powers...

Our bodies are indeed like a highly technical and amazing machine.

And it’ll all make sense in just a moment.

Warning: this next part gets a little bit full of medical-lingo.

But don’t worry.

We will make it fun...and quick...and NOT like a conversation you might have at a party with an 8th year doctorial student explaining the intricacies of his dissertation... 

When your brain perceives a threat, it signals your body to release a burst of hormones that increase your heart rate and raise your blood pressure.
 This is called 


If your body is reacting to stress constantly... it is like you are running away from a tiger.  Multiple stressors throughout your day, are basically "tigers" that causes your body to get in fight-or-flight mode.  When you're constantly in this state, your body doesn't want to make the other hormones that keep you in balance.

Once the threat is gone, your body is meant to return to a normal, relaxed state. 

Unfortunately, our "fight-or-flight" rarely shuts off...

"Over time, chronic stress can lead to serious health problems."

OK— we think you get the point...

Especially, if you’re like us and have been awake in the middle of the night, worried about... well, everything...

Wondering if and when we might actually feel "normal" again...

Thinking about our family and all that moving parts...

...and questioning if we are making the right health choices moving forward in our lives...

But luckily, beginning today, we can help you move away from those anxious thoughts and feelings, while at the same time...

    • Find Relief From The Middle Of The Night "Wake-Ups" - Calming our racing minds and hearts from estrogen dominance symptoms
    • Boost Your Energy Without That 3rd Cup Of Coffee - Grabbing the "Seize The Day" energy with balanced hormones
    • Beat The Bloat and All of the Frumpy Feelings - So you can rock that super awesome outfit!
    • Calm Instead of Stressful Overwhelm -  You get to be the mom that keeps all the other drama mamas calm cool and collected, since you're rockin' your chill zone.
    • ​​Support Your Detox Processes - Your detox system can have serious fire power against any of the unfriendly estrogen or toxins floating around!
    • ​Generate Clearer Thinking To Strategically Put Out Those Little Fires That Pop Up Daily - Your brain can run on full throttle! 


    What If We Could Balance Our Hormone Levels And Unleash These Incredible Benefits In Just Seconds A Day?

    Sound too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so, too...

    Until we actually thought about what our moms have been telling us for years...

    "Eat Your Broccoli."

    Was Mom was right after all?..

    Ours actually tricked us into eating broccoli and called it little trees.

    "Eating your broccoli" is nothing new... and most people would agree that broccoli is "good for you"...
    Even the "Brains" at Web-MD reported...

    A Compound Commonly Found In Cruciferous Vegetables, Such As Broccoli, Can Help Regulate Estrogen Levels

    Clinical trials have shown that diindolylmethane (DIM) is a compound found in broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and cabbage and has been shown to support healthy estrogen levels.
    • Helps prevent the effects of estrogen on cells
    • Lowers toxins produced by your body’s natural metabolism
    • Boosts antioxidants
    • ​Promotes weight loss
    • ​Enhances memory
    • ​Improves Mood

    But You Know What Sucks About Eating Broccoli and Other Cruciferous Veggies?...


    We know it's a "love-hate" relationship...

    We all know we need to eat them...

    But with the cruciferous veggies also comes the bloating and gas...UGH!

    We want to benefits of cruciferous veggies, but there has got to be an easier way to get what we need from these queenie greenies!

    It is recommended to eat 3 servings of cruciferous veggies per day to control hormone levels...sigh...

    When was the last time you went a week with getting your 3 servings of cruciferous veggies per day?

    Not to mention, if you actually ate 3 servings per day, it could be "bloat central"! 

    Can you imagine eating a bowl of broccoli with every meal?

    We love broccoli, and it's cruciferous friends, but not enough to make it a main part of EVERY MEAL.

    We decided there had to be an easier way...

    To get our hormones balanced... without a bunch of fuss or complication...

    So, we went to work...
    We researched and sourced the best ingredients for a once-per-day "no-fuss" solution that...

    1. Kicks Xeno-Estrogen's Butt

    Watch out xenoestrogens, we have some DIM in the house!

    DIM supports your body to remove the xenoestrogens you can't avoid.  It also may improve the ratio of good to bad estrogens  so you can avoid imbalance. (1)

    2. Promote Peace, Love, & Phase 2 Detox...

    Calcium D-glucarate can give your liver super powers! 

    Why does Phase 2 Detox matter?...

    Phase 2 Detox is important because it is a detox pathway that flushes out nasty toxins which can keep hormones from going into over-drive. (2) (3)

    3. Defeat excess hormones

    Broccoli 4:1 Extract neutralizes toxins and helps your body do its job of detoxing excess hormones. 

    Broccoli 4:1 Extract is an antioxidant that cancels out free radicals, may calm inflammation in your body, and may protect you DNA by blocking mutations that lead to bad things. (4)

    4. Soak it In!

    We've added BioPerine® to our Hormone Balance™ so your body can absorb all the goodness! 

    BioPerine®, (Piperine) is  a natural bioavailability enhancer has been shown to support nutrient absorption. 

    It’s shown to possibly enhance immune function and act as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage in your body. (5)
    Our formula needed to be the new way of balancing our hormones that would be easy-peasy and not cause any side-effects.

    We were tired of the same, low quality hormone formulas we saw making empty promises...

    We wanted a real, transparent hormone balancing formula that actually balances hormones, while at the same time fitting easily into our lives without a bunch of hassle.
    So we put our heads together and set out on a mission to formulate the best freaking hormone balancing product on Earth.

    We dove into the medical research of hormones and peri-menopause in order to formulate a once-per-day solution that can do wonders for hormones, including harnessing that "seize-the-day" energy.
    But it wasn’t always easy and we made a lot of sacrifices...
    And then after months and months of going back and forth with the formula variations... we finally nailed it.

    Hormone Balance

    was born

    We created the best super-duper-easy-peasy hormone balancing solution this world has ever seen.

    We were so excited to finally be able to give over-40 gals a tool for their peri-menopause tool box, that would change everything!

    Hormone Balance made significant differences in our lives!
    • Better Sleep:  Actually sleeping through the night!
    • Less Weight: Shed the perimenopause pounds
    • Emotional Chill: Steady-Betty emotions with less anxiety
    • So Easy: This once-per-day solution that takes only 10 seconds 

    We’re Proud To Introduce...

    Hormone Balance

    The Easy Once-Per-Day Hormone Balancing Solution

    No Powders, Potions, Or Lotions!

    Each capsule of Hormone Balance contains:
    • DIM 150mg ~ Controls Estrogen Dominance
    • Bioperine 5mg ~ Promotes Optimal Absorption
    • Broccoli 4:1 ~  Regulates Hormone Levels
    • Calcium D-Glucarate 50mg ~ Supports Liver Detoxification

    “Helped me drop
    the final pounds!”

    “I don’t like taking supplements. I’ll get started but then I miss a day or two... or a week... and I forget. So I never see the results I’m aiming for. I tried greens but again I couldn’t keep up with the routine.

    These zuma packets are awesome because I can take them with me hiking or mountain biking. I actually remember to get my greens now and it helped me drop the final pounds I’ve been trying to get rid of. Thank you!”
    ~ Jeff P., Mesa, AZ

    “The best
    green juice!”

    “I’ve tried so many green juices out there because I don’t eat enough veggies. But most of them tasted nasty and were really pricey. 

    Zuma Juice is the best green juice I’ve tried. It’s yummy and keeps me energized.”
    ~ Rachel K., Provo, UT

    “You got me to
    eat my veggies!”

    “I’ll be honest. I don’t like veggies. I’ve been like this since I can remember. I keep trying to like them because I know I should. I know the food I’ve been eating has made me more bloated. But I couldn’t stand veggies. I tried a few greens but I threw them all away.

    You got me to eat my veggies. Zuma Juice doesn’t taste like a greens drink. It’s more like a minty-vanilla shake. I love it. Even my husband is shocked at how much I drink it. I get my greens at least 3x a day now. Added bonus is it keeps me regular. Customer for life!”
    ~ Krissy B., San Diego, CA

    “Hands-down the best tasting greens!”

    “I’m incredibly picky. Most greens taste too much like grass. Or they make it taste like a kid cereal and it’s gross. 

    Zuma Juice has a nice balance. You can feel it’s getting you healthy while also tasting like a treat. It’s super refreshing. I keep some at my office and some in my car for emergencies. Nice and convenient.”
    ~ George R., Seattle, WA

    So, Who is Hormone Balance for?

    Hormone Balance is made for everyday gals to help keep their body balanced, energized, and ready to rock. That includes...

    Stressed-out Moms

    Over-40 Gals  

    Women on-the-go

    Ladies Who Want More out of life!

    And When You Choose Hormone Balance Today, You Can Also Receive

    The Following Bonuses

    Absolutely FREE!

     Bonus #1:

    FREE Priority Shipping

    We know you want your Hormone Balance ASAP!...

    So, we offer FREE USPS Priority Shipping. Woo Hoo!

    We believe in the saying "Treat others how you want to be treated..." and WE ❤️ FREE SHIPPING!

     Bonus #2:

    FREE Access to the 
    Top 7 Hormone Balancing Foods Cheat Sheet

    Girlfriend, It's time to take a short-cut to the best foods for your hormone balancing journey!

    This info-rich cheat sheet will show you the 7 most effective hormone balancing foods that you can add to your diet today to help balance your hormones naturally.

    You will receive FREE instant download with you purchase of HORMONE BALANCE.

       Bonus #3:

      FREE VIP Email Support

      Want to know why many women get frustrated with trying to get balanced?...

      Because often they are attempting this endeavor in a vacuum...NOT THIS TIME!

      We are here for you!  Whatever questions you may have, drop us an email. We will answer you ASAP!

      ...And When You Choose HORMONE BALANCE Bi-Monthly Subscription Today, You Can Also Receive

       Bonus #4:

      FREE Hormone Balance 
      Quick Guide

      • This Hormone Balance Quick Guide ($59 value) is the perfect partner to your new bottle of HORMONE BALANCE!
      • ​Let's get straight to quick and practical solutions! This Hormone Balance Quick Guide is the perfect partner to Hormone Balance!
      • ​Get your instant download of the HORMONE BALANCE QUICK GUIDE FREE with subscription purchase.

       Bonus #5:

      FREE Hormones De-Coded

      • Hormones De-Coded Interview with Suzannah Bianco ($79 value)
      • ​Suzannah Bianco, Hormone Health Coach, goes deep into the secrets of balancing hormones and the strategies of successful perimenopause in this exclusive interview.
      • ​This is one more tool for your hormone balancing tool box!

       Bonus #4:

      FREE Shipping!

      We pay for shipping. No added costs or funny business or nuthin’.

      Once you place your order we then give that order to Sandra in shipping. And Sandra’s all about getting orders sent out right away and delivered within 5 to 7 business days.

      But sometimes it’s faster because Sandra’s nuts and we think she knows some kinda shipping spell.

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      Nowadays, It's common to have products "guaranteed" and we know there are hundreds of other types of balancing products out there...

      You've probably tried a few of them and weren’t satisfied with their claims and that’s why you’re here now.

      Ugh... that disappointed feeling we get when a product doesn't work...

      But we promise you, Hormone Balance is unlike any other woman's health supplement out there today.

      Here's why...

      Hormone Balance was developed with real scientific data to make sure it actually worked.

      And when you add these scientifically proven ingredients found in every capsule of Hormone Balance to your life...

      You'll Start To Feel Like Yourself Again 

      Before you turned 40 ;)

      And even though we’ve already reduced the price and added a bunch of free bonuses to your order...

      We’re still going to let you test out Hormone Balance for a full 60-days, risk free.

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